Writing and using SPSS workshop at York University

I was able to attend this workshop through the WRDTC. The workshop in the morning focused on basic commands and using syntax functions within SPSS. This was extremely helpful, as I am currently working on the PIAAC data-set with SPSS. Until now, I was struggling to find appropriate support through video tutorials and print resources. If you would compare SPSS with a homepage, syntax would basically  be the HTML format. So far, I’ve only made use of the  commands given by the programme itself (e.g. frequencies). This worked more or less, however, I didn’t really know what I was doing (trail and error). Now, after this workshop, I have a basic understanding of how to actually code my own commands.

The instructor was very competent and she was able to answer all my questions. For me, this workshop really showed me, how important it is to take advantage of  the resources, support and help the university and the WRDTC offer.

This tutorial really gave me some insight and I feel more competent in using SPSS. I’ve also learned about SPSSX, an online community that answers questions and gives help regarding SPSS
It seems crucial to me to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis?). Yet, more importantly, knowing where and when to seek support seems vital. Good time management makes all the difference. I was also able to do some more networking. Overall this has been a great day.

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