Open Scholarship and Research Data Management

At the beginning of March (02/03/16) , I attended another White Rose DTC Advanced Training event. This time the focus was on Open Scholarship, Open Access Publishing, Shared Access as well as on Research Data Management. The event took place in Sheffield. This was a short and straight forward event, which turned out to be really helpful. The various speakers made a clear case regarding the benefits and potential drawbacks of open access publishing. Here, I particularly enjoyed Alasdair Rae’s talk on Embracing Open Access Publishing. He gave a very entertaining introduction into the topic and further gave a lot of helpful tips on what to consider when deciding to follow the Open Access pathway. The second half of the seminar focused on Research Data Management. This, again, was really helpful, as I am currently preparing my preliminary research study. A lot of important information was disseminated. In a nutshell, this was helpful and worth going to.

Summary by WRDTC
In the morning, presentations were opened by previous PhD students talking about their personal experiences with research data management. This was followed by a session on Open Access Scholarly Resources given by Maria Mawson, Faculty Librarian for Social Sciences at the University of Sheffield. Richard Wiseman, University of Manchester, then presented on UK Data Services perspectives. The final presentation of the morning was Embracing Open Access Publishing given by Alasdair Rae from Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield.
The afternoon session was given over to a practical workshop to discuss ideas and network.

Slides of the different topics can be accessed here.

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