Exploring the digital literacy practices of Rojan, a newly arrived Syrian refugee

This short paper aims to offer insights into the digital literacy practices of newly arrived Syrian refugees, particularly those displayed on mobile technologies such as smartphones. It is based on two plenary talks that I have given at the National Nordic Conference in Helsingør and the Norskkonferansen in Oslo, in April 2017. The article is organized into three parts; first, I provide the reader with a brief overview of conceptions of literacy and put forward an understanding of literacy as plural, multimodal social practices. Second, I exemplify this notion of digital literacy practices within an adult migration context. Here, I draw on exemplary data from my ongoing doctoral research, which is an ethnographically informed multiple case study of newly arrived Syrian refugees’ use of mobile technologies. The sample data that I discuss in this article pictures one of my key participants, Rojan, using YouNow, a multimodal and interactive live streaming app. Last, I draw conclusions and address potential implications for language practitioners and others, who are working in the field of adult migrant language and literacy education.

External link: http://www.uddannelsesforbundet.dk/media/3043/fokus-nr-68_aktiv.pdf

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