Book Chapters:

VOLLMER, S. forthcoming (2019). Digital Citizenship for Newly Arrived Syrian refugees through mobile technologies. In: M. COOKE and R, PEUTRELL eds. Brokering Britain, Educating Citizens. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Journal Articles:

VOLLMER, S. 2018a. Syrian Newcomers and their Digital Literacy Practices. Language Issues. 28(2), pp. 66-72.

VOLLMER, S. 2017a. Exploring the digital literacy practices of Rojan, a newly arrived Syrian refugee. Fokus, 68(June), pp.14-18.


SZABLA, M. and VOLLMER, S. 2018b. Key Concepts and Methods in Ethnography, Language and Communication: A Review. Hillary Place Papers. Issue 4. 39-41.

VOLLMER, S. 2017b. An interview with James Simpson on translanguaging and ESOL. Bellaterra Journal of Teaching & Learning Language & Literature, 10(1), pp.85-96.

VOLLMER, S. 2018c. Data on the move. Tlang Blog (as invited author).

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